Borderless Art

I attended an art exhibition in the Union called “Borderless Art” but on by the organization LatinARTe. This student group is focused on promoting Latin American art, and art by Latinx students. I kind of just stumbled into this exhibition, because it was in the Union, but I am really happy I did!

The art was stunning – and not all of it was visual. I found myself drawn to the event, not just because of the aesthetically pleasing art, but because the art was all so bold. The even centered around the idea of borders, how artificial they are, how violent they can be, how violent the rhetoric that surrounds them can be… how they make us view people as “others.” To be completely honest, I thought that was so brave, given the political and rhetorical climate of the moment. And the event was so inviting. I hope to follow what LatinARTe does in the future.

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