Foreign Film Club (International Group)

This semester, I have continued my involvement with the Foreign Film Club, which I am very happy about. Foreign Film Club is awesome, because it was started by a Global Engagement Fellow named Hennessey. Since Hennessey founded the organization as a Global Engagement Fellow, the meetings are tailored to what GEFs are striving for, which is to expand our horizons, practice foreign language skills, and develop a sense of empathy and shared humanity with people from all across the world. Also, I just love watching great movies, which I have mentioned on here before. This semester, FFC showed The Kite Runner, which is a great book, but I had no idea it was also an excellent movie. Many of the members of FFC are in the class of 2020, like Hennessey, so I get to meet great people who I probably wouldn’t otherwise have classes with. It’s great to have people with whom I can have smart discussions about eye-opening foreign films. I look forward to continuing to participate in FFC next semester.

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