Green Week

This semester, I was more involved on campus than I had been in my three previous semesters. A big reason for that was my involvement with OU Green Week. I applied to be on the Green Week exec team, and I was placed on the Programming committee. My friends and I had the fun but challenging task of planning all of the events for OU’s Green Week, which is a week in April when the OU student body puts an emphasis on environmental sustainability. This year, we had farm animals on the South Oval to spread facts about the environmental impact of the meat industry, we held a benefit concert on Main Street for Norman Animal Welfare (which was really fun), we invited local, environmentally conscious businesses to speak on campus, and so much more. I really enjoyed being a part of it. As we planned Green Week, I was consistently reminded of the global significance of environmentalism. Climate change is probably the single most important international issue. In a strange way, I find some hope in the fact that we all share one planet, and it will take the collective efforts of all major nations to save it.

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